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Travel to Cuba common questions

Are there places for sport hunting and fishing?

Sport hunting and fishing is standardized by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). As stated, it is prohibited the export of live species or dissected, and goods made out of protected species. It is allowed the export of goods made of flora and fauna species, if they are sheltered by a Certificate of the Management Authority of CITES in Cuba.

Can I export an unlimited amount of cigars from Cuba?

When leaving the country, the free export of 23 cigars is allowed, loosen or in containers and there is no need to present any document. If travelers want to export more than the amount mentioned (23), they must ask for the official bill in the institutions appointed for that matters by Habanos S.A. company, where they were obtained and to hand in a copy in the custom house. The cigars must be in the original containers, with the official authorization, including the new holographic seal. If the product does not fulfill the licit acquisition's essential requirements, the custom house will be able to confiscate it.

Do I need a sanitary document to travel to Cuba?

There are only sanitary restrictions for visitors coming from countries with diseases such as endemic yellow fever and cholera, or they have been declared infections zones by the World Health Organization (WHO), in this case, it is required the International Vaccination Certificate.

Do I need VISA?

You don't need properly a visa, but you'll need what is denominated "tourist card", which makes the same function of the visa. If you are not resident of the United States, you simply must request the tourist card in the Cuban embassy of your country, or to the same agency that sells you the airplane Ticket. If you are citizen of The United States, to enter through Canada, Mexico or the Bahamas, travel agencies in those countries can provide you cards.

Do the immigration agents of Cuba put seals in the passports of the USA tourists?

Generally the immigration officials of Cuba do not put seals in North American passports. But if you have a North American passport, instead to print your passport, a separated document will be attached to it, which you must take it with you during your stay in Cuba.

Is health care available in all Cuban hotels?

More than 95% of hotels assure primary health care. There are also eight international clinics -for treatments of greater care- in Pinar del Rio, Varadero, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Cayo Coco, Santa Lucia, Guardalavaca and Santiago de Cuba. It is recommended to travel to Cuba with medical insurance, which can be applied for in the Island through the company for traveler's assistance, Asistur S.A. (

Is there an airport tax arriving or leaving the country?

The only airport tax is on leaving Cuba whereby $25 CUC must be paid.

What places do you recommend to purchase authentic Cuban articles?

In all the hotels there are stores that offer a wide variety of products, toiletry, Habanos, rum, compact disks and cassettes of Cuban music, post cards and crafts. Also, there are different chains of stores in the country (Caracol, Universo, Panamerican, TRD Caribe, Meridiano,.) that carry a variety of offers. The stores are properly identified.

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