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Rent a car Mercedes Benz C200 AUTOMATIC

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The price includes:
Car rental with unlimited mileage. Drop off of the car in any office of REX in all Cuba without additional charges for this concept. The rent guarantees a car of this category, not a specific model, which is offered in dependence of the availability in the moment of the pick up.

The price does't includes(*):
Insurance against all risk that covers robbery, crash, overturn and catastrophes, and in the event of accident the damages to the car and thirds. Deposit in guarantee that is demanded cash or by credit card. The car will be pick up with the tank full with fuel, the client will reinstate to REX the amount corresponding to the empty capacity when she drop off the car. The client should pay the total cost of the damages caused by the use of alcohol, narcotics or medications, or if the car was driven by persons not registered in the contract.

Rental conditions:
The car will only be able to be driven by persons registered in the contract. The minimum age required to drive is of 21 years and he should show up passport and conduction license. The client should return the vehicle under the same conditions that he was received in the moment of the rent. REX will take all the cautions to avoid flaws in the vehicles. REX won't be responsible for some accidental flaw that can happen or to appear, neither any consequence that derives of this fails.

(*) It should be paid directly to the REX.

Car rental details

Mercedes Benz C200
  • Model: 2016
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Capacity: 5 Persons
  • Air conditioned: X
  • Suitcase box: 1 large, 2 small

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